The Hakuperi Kudzidza/Akupheli Ukufunda Foundation

AITAF in its futuristic approach to business concepts founded the Hakuperi kudzidza/Akupheli ukufunda Foundation. It is a non-profit making initiative to provide an interactive space for tertiary students who are enthusiastic about applying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in the context of providing real-time solutions to the problems the world currently faces.

We believe tertiary students possess the right energy to learn and apply what they learn in solving problems within a process or a system. If they are given the conducive environment to explore they can provide better solutions to improving a process or a system. As AITAF we are there to inspire such youthful minds. Through the Hakuperi kudzidza/Akupheli ukufunda Foundation, we encourage at most two willing students at a goal who are within reach to AITAF’s field service work on the day in question to come and observe. They required to make a report with recommendations which can be shared with other students who are members of the Hakuperi kudzidza/Akupheli ukufunda Foundation so that they too can get inspired. We are doing this to prepare the STEM students to be innovative and critical thinkers in their approach to problem solving in the current Zimbabwean economy and other emerging economies across the world.

AITAF just oversees the affairs of the Foundation. However, a separate committee is responsible for the administration of the Foundation.

Membership to this Foundation is unlimited therefore tertiary students are encouraged to register. Registration is free!!!

Female students are also encouraged to apply

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