Autonomic Bird Repellent for Wheat farmers

Autonomic bird deterrent. Can be programmed to automatically detect and deter bird.

Applications include but not limited to wheat farming, solar PV farms, air ports, etc.

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Autonomic is designed to be a modular system. Spare parts and accessories can be ordered separately.

Autonomic is the newest generation of automated intelligent laser bird repellents. It is an effective solution to repel birds in an animal-friendly way. The Autonomic covers the area that needs protection from birds continuously. Birds perceive the approaching laser as a physical danger and avoid the area. The laser bird repellent has proven to be effective over time without habituation. This technology is used in 90 countries around the world.

Why Autonomic:
– Immediate and long-lasting results
– Effective bird repelling across long distances and wide spaces
– Easy to deploy in many situations
– Animal and environmentally friendly

Remote control
It is possible to view the system status via the Status & Control app by AVIX and switch it ON/OFF remotely. A user can also receive push notifications on their phones or by email if the unit is disconnected from power. Through the advanced AVIX Connect tool, it is possible to track the system’s operating hours using a Bluetooth connection. This allows the user to check if the laser is performing the way it should without visiting the customer’s location. This way, errors are tracked down quickly from any location, reducing downtime to a minimum.

Connect wirelessly
A Bluetooth connection can be made between the AVIX Connect application and the AVIX Autonomic. A user can configure the AVIX Autonomic, change settings, update the system and check the system status with the AVIX Connect application. The application is available for such mobile device operating systems as Android and iOS.

Get excellent customer service
The AVIX Autonomic is designed to be customizable, giving it the ability to adapt to the customer’s needs. It is also made to be ready for future upgrades and updates via the AVIX Connect application. Service Level Agreement (SLA) allows an extended warranty and guarantees that customers get the best quality at all times.

Modular Design
Components of the AVIX Autonomic can easily be replaced, minimizing downtime.


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