Electrical, Electronics, Industrial Instrumentation, Automation And Control Engineering

Design, Installation, testing and commissioning of electrical systems, supply of electrical accessories, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment including electric motors, motor protection solutions, drives, backup generators, low Voltage (LV) equipment, power factor correction devices, integrated energy management solutions, optimization techniques, lighting solutions and related.

We also offer customized condition monitoring products for critical engineering plant and equipment and centralized database analytics for logging machine history, machine performance, and machine condition.


We provide timeous, cost effective and efficient client-specific automation solutions including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA), measurement systems, sensors, transducers, actuators, relays, controls systems, telemetry etc. We also source, install and commission specialized instrumentation, control and automation equipment that is trending with technology for heavy industries and mines.

We work with reputable brands and we pride ourselves for having fostered business relationships with the best, tried and tested partners world over for timely delivery of projects.