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About Us

Applied Innovation Towards an Advanced Future (AITAF) Investments (Pvt) Ltd is a Zimbabwean company that was established in 2014 to provide sustainable innovative solutions with the aim to increase productivity within the Zimbabwean economy. We noticed that the world at large is hungry for efficient innovation in order to boost productivity, so is Zimbabwe and the regional economic blocks like the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

Why Choose Us

In order for us to create a conducive environment that allows for innovation and to create value through import substitution initiatives, our business model has specific objectives pivoted around Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) so as to meet the aims of beneficiation and value addition to both the national economy and regional economies.

Our desire is to transform from the traditional one dimensional, Red Ocean, problem solving technique, where for example engineering firms only focus on purely engineering problem solving techniques due to being composed of engineers, to a more integrated, multidisciplinary approach made up of the whole STEM team within the value chain so as to maximize and harness each other’s strengths, skills and capabilities. This is the ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ business model which guarantees continual innovation and excellence for our clients.

Our solutions are in the form of client-specific products and services. We are committed to offering to our customer quality products and services whilst noting the need to continue caring for our environment and to ensure that our personnel’s workplace health and safety needs are our top most priority in order for our business to remain sustainable.


To provide sustainable, quality and cost effective Scientific, Technological, Engineering and Mathematically (STEM) driven solutions in order to increase productivity in Zimbabwe and beyond. 


To be the preferred provider of unique STEM solutions, expert consultancy services and high quality products to our clients for increased productivity and stimulation of sustainable growth of their businesses by 2030.

Our Values

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